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HT4000E is a flexible HPLC autosampler that can automate your Solid Phase Extraction routine. It takes care of sample purification, up to the collection of eluted sample in vials (offline mode) or can proceed further up to the direct injection into the HPLC or LC-MS analyzer (online mode).


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    Do more than any HPLC autosampler

    Sample preparation accounts for up to 85% of the time taken for an analytical process. Therefore, it is important to select the correct instrumentation to fully maximize the process to give optimum results: HT4000E combining both SPE automation and HPLC autosampler capability is the prefect instrument to achieve your goals.

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    Robust Technology

    Check the brochure and view the video below to learn more about workstation operations. In a very small bench space, HT4000E is able to provide automation up to 32 samples; for each sample the purification volume can be as large as 50ml. You can customize the sample racks to fit your applications and lab workflow.

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    Constant Flow Technology

    The constant flow technology eliminates the SPE cartridge lot-to-lot reproducibility issue that is typical of systems based on constant pressure technology. Thanks to Constant Flow Technology, washing and elution are performed at a constant flow (no vacuum or gas pressure required), ensuring constant elution times for all the analyzed samples.

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    Easy SPE method design

    HTAPREP software controls HT4000E: it gets users up to speed quickly and allows to start running samples immediately. Each sample can have a multiple-step methodology providing the flexibility required. The software uses an intuitive powerful drag and drop interface to allow the unit to control every individual aspect of the SPE process. This includes sample loading, washing, drying, flushing, elution, derivatization as well as HPLC/LC-MS injection

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    Not only SPE: Do more with your HT4000E!

    HT4000E support a wide-range of clean-up procedures. Besides most common SPE cartridges (Normal, Reversed and Ion Exchange phases), HT4000E can be used for Affinity and Immunoaffinity cartridges as per Diatomaceous Earth Sorbent SLE cartridges. Furthermore HT4000E can be successfully used to automate sample filtration by the usage of filter cartridges, a substitute of the syringe filters.


Sample Purification Process
Sample Racks overview


HT4000E is controlled by HTAPREP software. This software is based on an intuitive powerful drag and drop interface to allow the unit to control and optimize every individual phase of the SPE process.

FAQ: How we deal with your LC system?

HT4000E supports direct injection of the samples in your HPLC or LC-MS analyzer. Learn more how HT4000E is connected with your analyzer and about Chromatography Data System integration.

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