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SPME GC analysis

Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) is a valid GC sample technique able to further increase laboratory productivity by offering a significant reduction in sample preparation time. In a one-step process, you will be able to perform extraction, concentration and introduction of analytes into GC. No hazardous solvent and no large extraction solvent quantity is necessary. Furthermore, no solvent injection and fast analytes desorbtion improve minimum detection limits.

SPME analytes are absorbed onto the stationary phases coated or either fused silica or metal fibers. Then the analytes are thermally desorbed from the fiber to a GC inlet onto a capillary column. SPME techniques could require headspace or liquid extraction: 2800T performs both by setting the proper vial penetration depth.

SPME is useful in many different analyses, including environmental, forensic, food/flavor and pharma. 

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