Who We Are HTA's Company Profile

Leading Italian engineering and manufacturing company in the business of scientific instrumentation to laboratories, since 25 years.

Located within  an intensive industrial area with long tradition on automation techniques, on electronics and on mechanics.

Passionate for robotics to handle samples from preparation to storage. We manage different technologies and we own deep knowledge of autosampler applications and of automation requirements within labs.

Our knowledge and experience of applications make our products optimized and cost effective. High quality and high reliability are must for us providing high return on investements to end users.

We are certified UNi EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality  Management system.

We are committed to pursue technical leadership, quality and service as key factors to succeed together with our customers.

Our sales are either with HTA label or through several OEM agreements.

anniversary 25


We have a passion: use the robotics for supporting lab teams in achieving better and more robust results.