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Sample Preparation Workstations

Lab Automation

HT4000A: Sample Prep Workstation

HT4000A allows automation of sample preparation procedures in order to increase lab productivity, to improve repeatability and traceability, to lower operator’s health and safety risks and to reduce crosslab CV by increasing method robustness.


Key Features

Automate a large gamma of tasks

HT4000A takes care of a large number of operations such as liquid handling (aspiration, dispensation, mixing, dilution, derivatisation, sample reformatting), filtration or purification (by syringe filter, MEPS, Whatman® Mini-UniPrep® syringeless vials, LLE), vessel handling (weighing, capping/uncapping, vortex), identification (BCR, RFID), sample conditioning (cooling, heating), and automated injection for HPLC, IC and some spectroscopy applications.


The modular design allows easy configuration and affordable costs. The liquid handling module is included in each configuration, while all other modules are included, according to your requirements. You get your HT4000A instrument tailored and designed to fit it to your lab workflow: furthermore, by adding or removing modules, you are quickly able to deploy an additional or different sample prep procedure.

The widest support of Sample Vessels

The most common sample vessels are supported: vials (2/4/6/10/20/40ml), test tubes, tube blocks, plates, Vacutainers and several more. More than one type of vessel can be handled at the same time in order to support sample reformatting steps that are often required by sample preparation procedures.

A Smart Software for a Smart Instrument

HTAPREP – lab automation software – offers powerful method development by a simple drag & drop approach and smart sample processing: complex routine and experiments can be defined in a few easy steps. Learn more on HTAPREP page.

Free Automation Project

Provide your HTA’s sales rep with your sample prep procedure: an automation consultant will take care to configure your HT4000A workstation so that you can make a proper evaluation of the benefits it can bring to your lab.


HT4000A is controlled by HTAPREP software. This software is based on an intuitive powerful drag and drop interface to allow the unit to control and optimize every individual phase of the sample preparation process.

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FAQ: How we deal with your LC system?

HT4000A supports direct injection of the samples in your HPLC or LC-MS analyzer. Learn more how HT4000A is connected with your analyzer and about Chromatography Data System integration.

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