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We have a passion: use the robotics for supporting lab teams in achieving better and more robust results by providing them with autosamplers and automated sample preparation solutions.

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We are a leading automation provider for the scientific instruments industry. We have supplied a wide range of analyzer front-ends and sample preparation automated devices for 25+ years.

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New generation GCs deserve new generation Autosampler

Modern GC operators face constant pressure to improve workflows, efficiency and outcomes. A new generation of GCs has been recently launched…

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Automate Centrifugation for Cell Washing

Centrifugation is used for the separation of fluids according to their density. Separation is achieved by spinning a vessel containing the fluid at a certain speed…

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New development in HPLC: the FAST HPLC concept

Fast-HPLC, using short columns (3 –10 cm) packed with small particles (<3um) and high flow rates has recently become a good strategy to save…

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