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Modern GC operators face constant pressure to improve workflows, efficiency and outcomes. A new generation of GCs has been recently launched…

Centrifugation is used for the separation of fluids according to their density. Separation is achieved by spinning a vessel containing the fluid at a certain speed…

Fast-HPLC, using short columns (3 –10 cm) packed with small particles (<3um) and high flow rates has recently become a good strategy to save…

HTA is proud to announce the release of HT1500L, the new “no frills” HTA autosampler for HPLC.

HTA has been the pioneer of open-bed autosampler for liquid chromatography, being the first taking into consideration the undeniable advantages of this type of design.

The words “Autosampler” and “Sampler” are often used as synonyms in Chromatography but their meaning is quite different.

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