Sample Preparation Workstations

Analytical labs – differently from life science labs and clinical labs – have a low penetration of sample prep automation technology. However today challenges will require analytical labs to close shortly the gap.

The number of analysis has been growing and it is still growing more, as a consequence of regulation changes and of an increased “scientific” approach of corporations and governments. In order to deal with the expanding demand of analysis, the laboratories have improved their analytical instrumentation with newer instrumentation. By equipping with next-generation analyzers, such as Fast GCs, UHPLCs or instruments for high throughput screening, the analysis time is nowadays considerably shortened.

However, sample preparation has remained ararely automatic and almost exclusively manual task. Thus, sample preparation often becomes the bottleneck, preventing laboratories from increasing their productivity. Sample preparation usually takes up more than 85% of the processing time of a sample, whereas only 15% is the analysis time.

Our Sample Preparation Workbench solutions allow automation of sample preparation procedures by taking care of a large number of operations such as liquid handling, purification or filtration, tracking and further sample processing such as vortex, automatic uncap/recap, and weigh.

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Why Move To Automation

There are a number of reasons why you should automate the sample prep procedures you currently run manually: increase productivity by running 24/7; improve repeatability and traceability; lower operator’s health and safety risks by reducing exposition to hazardous chemicals and reduce crosslab CV by increasing method robustness and facilitating method transfer.