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MEPS is the new development in the fields of sample preparation and sample handling. MEPS is the result of a collaboration between SGE and Mohamed Abdel-Rehim (AstraZeneca) and Lars G. Blomberg (University of Karlstead).

MEPS performs the same functions as SPE, the removal of interfering matrix components and the selective isolation and concentration of analytes. In addition MEPS increases the advantages of conventional SPE in the following ways:

  • Ability to work with samples as small as 10uL or less;
  • Significantly reduces the time needed to prepare and inject samples;
  • Significantly reduces the volume of solvents needed.

MEPS technology is integrated in a syringe built up by two components: the barrel and the SPE cartridge (also known as BIN) mounted on a removable needle. The same cartridge could be used with a large number of samples: when it is exhausted can be easily changed by screwing off the needle.

To learn more about MEPS, visit SGE website.