HPLC Autosampler Raise Your Expectations

Cost-effective HPLC autosampler              

  • Running Applications with long Analysis time?
  • Small budget?
  • Small sample number to process?
  • Stand-alone autosampler: no PC required?

HT310L is perfectly sized for your needs: it offers automation for processing up to 10 unattended samples by a cost effective pricing. HT310L is the alternative to the manual injector for users that cares about reproducibility and accuracy.
HT310L is programmed by the integrated keypad or by Clarity DataApex chromatography Data System; furthermore it can work as standalone autosampler: no PC required neither for the installation nor for the operations.
Fits every HPLC system: it can take care of the derivatization and the dilution of the sample. By a short flow path (made up only by the syringe and the valve) it is able to handle even the most aggressive solvents.


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