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HT4000L: The LC Autosampler Lab-Automation Ready

For the same price of a conventional HPLC autosampler, you just get more; be ready to review your expectation about HPLC autosamplers! Enjoy the large sample capacity, the support for a wide range of sample vessels, the application versatility, the lab automation capabilities and the possibility to implement new modules and functionalities directly in your lab. Fits any brand HPLC and LC/MS.


HT4000L: The LC Autosampler Lab-Automation Ready

Key Features

Large Sample Capacity and Wide Range of Sample Vessels

HT4000L can handle up to 176 2ml-vials per run or it can work with different kinds of sample vessels. Inject samples out of vials (2/4/6/10/20/40 ml), test tubes, tube blocks or plates including Vacutainer®, Eppendorf® tubes, and Well Format Tubes. Choose from standard racks or enquire for a custom design: custom racks pay for themselves in a few weeks. Furthermore, racks are easily interchangeable in order to allow quick switching across multiple configurations.

Application Versatility

HT4000L fits all liquid chromatography systems. It is able to look after the widest range of applications including analytical, prep, UHPLC, IC, nano, LC/MS… and many more!

Lab Automation Ready

HT4000L can work as a standard HPLC autosampler. However, you may want to delegate some sample preparation tasks: HT4000L can take care of them as no standard autosampler has been able to assist. Dilution, pre-column derivatisation, pH spiking and internal standard addition are available within the standard version. If standard sample preparation capabilities are not enough, get the HTAPREP option by which you can add support to complex and custom autosampler methods: endless possibilities, any sample preparation procedure or complex sample introduction become available.

Modular and Scalable

A wide range of accessories can be sourced and added in the field at any time; they are available to implement your autosampler with. They include: cooling module, vortex, vial heater and reaction cell, barcode reader (BCR), internal/external needle washing, flow cell, Mini-Uniprep® filter vials and more. We provide your LC autosampler at the best possible price; only at the time your needs change you will pay for the optional accessories to perform the new tasks without the hassle of buying a new autosampler. Your investment is future proof!

Enjoy your daily experience with HT4000L

Easy to use, easy to install and easy to service. We believe in a “robust by design” approach: HT4000L – based on cutting edge technologies and DFX design – well incarnates this philosophy making itself the ideal instrument for installation in any scenario.
Set your method once using the complimentary HTA Autosampler Manager, then you just need to load samples and press START: experience a seamless integration with your Chromatography Data System.


FAQ: How we deal with your LC system?

HT4000L allows direct injection of the samples in your HPLC or LC-MS analyzer. Learn more how HT4000L is connected with your analyzer and about Chromatography Data System integration.

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HT4000L method, sample list and setup editing will be performed by the free PC control (HTA Autosampler Manager), while all the routine operations can be managed by its dedicated keypad.

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