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Combine research and diagnostics by Beckman Coulter with HTA lab automation solutions: you will actually bring innovation to your laboratory! For labs of all sizes, HTA can cooperate with Beckman Coulter to assist you every step of the way!

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Lysis and Cell Washing workstation


  • HTA cell washers fully automates cell lysis and fractioning required for the quantification of the different cell populations.
  • Automation allows to better standardize the cell separation process making the method more robust and more easily shareable between different laboratories. 
  • It allows also to increase the productivity as well the sample traceability and, above all, the repeatability.
  • HTA cell washers represent the best solution for haematology studies: leucocytes (WBC) marked with fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies can be isolated from blood samples for the subsequent analysis by flow cytometry.


  • HTA cell washers can effectively prepare cells for Beckman Flow Cytometers Navios EX, DxFLEX and Gallios empowering results, while assuring simplicity and walk-away operations.
  • HTA cell washers are compatible with Beckman Coulter sample racks with the BC rack directly lodged in the HTA cell washer's tray: there is no need to transfer the samples from one rack to another one with the risk of sample missmatch.
  • After the sample fractioning by the HTA cell washer the technician takes off the sample rack from the HTA workstation, adds the Flow-Count Fluorospheres to the sample tubes and transfers the whole rack to the Beckman Cytofluorimeter for the cells' quantification.
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