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As expert in Diagnostics by HPLC you have chosen Chromsystem, as expert in Automation you need HTA. Automate the workflow expected by the Chromsystem kits with HTA's SPE-HPLC automation systems to bring your diagnostics routine to the next level

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SPE, Filtration and Purifications for automated LC analysis


  • HTA can offer a robotic walkaway solution able to fully automate the analytical workflows required by Chromsystem kits.
  • The HTA SPE-HPLC autosamplers can extract compounds from urine (Catecholamines; Metanephrines; VMA, HVA, 5-HIAA; Crosslinks; Muconic Acid and Hydroxypyrene) as well as from Serum/Plasma (Antiepileptic Drugs; Benzodiazepines and Tricyclic Antidepressants)
  • Automation of the extractive methods allows to standardize and optimize the procedure leading to an increase in sample recovery percentage and in data reproducibility.
  • The HTA SPE-HPLC autosamplers can automate  Chromsystem's extraction procedures, starting from the SPE column conditioning up to the sample elution, allowing to increase lab's throughput by running samples unattended. 
  • HTA autosamplers can also automate the direct injection into the HPLC analyzers: experience improved consistency and reproducibility by keeping constant time between elution and injection for all the sample to be processed.


  • Regardless you are using a Chromsystem analyzer, or another brand's one, you can successfully automate Chromsystem diagnostic extraction kits by HTA SPE-HPLC autosamplers.
  • Our HT4000E takes a very small space on your bench and does not require any technical gas.
  • All other SPE automation solutions require customers to insert sample list twice: in the SPE workstation software and in the HPLC software. In case your HPLC system is run by Clarity DataApex CDS, only with HTA customers can insert sample list in one software only: our HTAPREP will take care to append samples to Clarity queue.
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