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OEM Autosampler

Are you a scientist that has developed a home-made analytical system? Are you a start-up company trying to bring a revolutionary analyser to the market? Are you a large corp trying to offer your customers additional value through automated sample preparation and injection? If so, you are in the right place.


OEM Autosampler


30+ Autosampler Experience

Since 1991, we have been developing and manufacturing autosamplers and automated sample prep workstations for a wide range of analytical applications. Our core competencies are robotics (motion control), liquid handling, object displacement, sample prep tasks such as heating, agitation, automated capping and decapping and several more. Most of our applications involve liquid or gas samples, where sample volumes – in case of liquids - are typically between 500 nanoliters to 50 milliliters.

Reduce your Time to Market and Costs

When required to provide an OEM autosamplers, we don’t offer a standard “off-the-shell” product nor do we develop it from scratch. Instead, we start from one of our robotic platforms, such as HT1000, HT2000, HT3000 and HT4000 series. The usage of a platform allows you to save market time and furthermore lowers development and manufacturing costs while getting a customized product to meet your specific requirements.

Your Own Solution

Our autosamplers share a compact footprint, exceptional reliability, an amazing user experience and nice design. By applying customizations we conserve the flexibility that allow us to tailor fit the solution for you: they range from the small logo-change to the development of specific accessories.

Focus on what matters

We will be a supportive partner. You will be able to focus on the usage and users of the instruments, taking care of developing methods and instruments protocols, while we will take care to deliver the autosampler you deserve.

Complimentary Services and Tools

We understand it takes more than just designing and supplying a quality product in any OEM relationship. We have a professional and responsive team, experts across a wide range of engineering and scientific disciplines, whom can work with you in all the phases of our collaboration. Our LEAN manufacturing system offers flexibility and rapid adaption to your market changes. When it comes to service, enjoy service and diagnostic software utilities, spare parts catalogue, an online knowledge base for self-service troubleshooting and spare parts stock for standard parts.

A partner you can trust

As part of our integrity commitment we don’t market any analyser, nor do we have sister companies that do so. In this way we want to prevent any form of competition with our customers, allowing our team and organization to focus on what we can do best: autosamplers!

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