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2000H: Headspace Autosampler

Designed to satisfy the most demanding needs of robustness and ease of use, the 2000H is the ideal solution for headspace injection in GC and GC-MS analysis.


2000H: Headspace Autosampler

Key Features

Fits all GCs and GC/MSs

HTA headspace autosamplers are the most compact on the market, with a near-to-zero requirement for bench space. In most supported GCs they can serve both the front and rear injectors. 2000H too takes advantage of our quick-fix mounting kit: in less than a 5-minute move of the HTA autosamplers from one GC to another, swap HTA autosamplers or share HTA autosamplers among several GCs.

Easy to use

HTA offers GC autosamplers with a high-quality touch screen interface that provides easier system usability for novices and experienced users. Load your sample vials in the tray and run the analysis with no downtime. The autosampler gripper picks up the vials and places them in the oven where up to 6 vials are simultaneously heated and shaken to achieve the state change and reach equilibrium. Then, the syringe aspirates the headspace vapours from each vial and injects them into the GC injector. Finally, the vials are automatically returned to the tray while a syringe cleaning procedure is activated.

Empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI brings intuitiveness and superior performance to laboratories. By AI functionalities within 2000H we offer self-diagnostic tests that enable predictive maintenance strategies, continuous optimization of the workflow, extended flexible working style, and automated consumables tracking. Furthermore, we dramatically simplify connection with service by the usage of dynamic on-screen QR codes.

The Lowest Cost of Ownership in the industry

2000H features the lowest cost of operations in the market. No carrier gas is needed because gas is used only to purge between samples. No o-rings or seals to replace, saving hours of unnecessary downtime. No magnetic or special caps are needed, because vial transport is positive and dependable. Ecosaving settings such as prep-run support and automatic heating shut-off are available to reduce electricity and GC gas consumption.

Proven superior technology

The high-performance, gas-tight heated syringe is simple and robust. It removes the dead volume and absorption effects that are typical of sample loops and transfer lines, which can also impede their detection at very low levels. It allows for sequential injections, even with samples characterised by highly dissimilar features without needing to change any of the sample pathways. Furthermore, it permits adjustable sample volumes without loop changes and supports vial leakage check, which is a proprietary technology based on a heuristic procedure and used to spot vial leakage problems.

Supports High-Temperature Applications

The special model 2000HT features an extended oven and syringe temperature: it enables the execution of high-temperature headspace applications in a syringe-based system without the constraints and limitations induced by valve&loop systems. The system can manage standard headspace applications (that require temperatures lower than 150°C) and special high-temperature applications related to heat-induced degradation studies, analysis polymers and other high-boiling compounds.


GC Compatibility Chart

HTA autosamplers can be easily installed on all the GC and GC/MS systems available in the market.

Check the complete list of compatible GC and GC/MS systems.

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Learn how you can control the autosampler by a PC: having it integrated inside GC/GC-MS acquisition software or by HTA Autosampler Manager software to have CFR 21 Part 11 support.

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Application Notes

Check common Headspace applications such as: determination of Blood Alcohol, Methanol in Biodiesel, Residual Solvents in Drugs or in Packaging Film. More applications notes here.

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