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Fit all GC and GC-MS

2100H: Headspace Autoinjector

Analysing small batches of samples? Get headspace precision and performance with a system that is perfectly sized for your needs: 2100H offers automation for processing up to 14 samples unattended.


2100H: Headspace Autoinjector

Key Features

Easy to Use

A PC can manage quick sets of autosampler parameters and its convenient start-stop keypad can manage routine operations. The LED bar provides high visible colour-coded status information. The virtual screen on PC - that allows full programming - shows up automatically when an informative message is available; alternatively, double thumb pressure on the keypad activates it.

Fits all GCs and GC/MSs

HTA headspace autosamplers are the most compact on the market, with a near-to-zero requirement for bench space. In most supported GCs they can serve both the front and rear injectors. Also 2100H takes advantage of our quick-fix mounting kit: in less than a 5-minute move of the HTA autosampler from one GC to another, swap HTA autosamplers or share HTA autosamplers among several GCs.

Empowered by Artificial Intelligence

AI brings intuitiveness and superior performances to laboratories. By AI functionalities within 2100H we offer: self-diagnostic tests that enable predictive maintenance strategies, continuous optimization of the workflow, extended flexible working style, automated consumables tracking. Furthermore we dramatically simplify connection with service by usage of dynamic on-screen QR code.

Everything You Need

Advanced features such as the system integrity test, progressive mode, adjustable sample volumes and vial leakage check are also included in the standard version. An entry-level model doesn’t mean a depowered model at HTA!

Why You Need to Move Away from Manual Headspace

2100H is a quality, cost-effective alternative to manual headspace. While manual sampling techniques are simple and inexpensive, they are also tedious and subject to human error and cannot provide robust and consistent data. Automation, on the other hand, ensures consistent and reliable results, while also freeing up laboratory personnel for more productive tasks. These are the reasons why 2100H should be your headspace choice.


GC Compatibility Chart

HTA autosamplers can be easily installed on all the GC and GC/MS systems available in the market. Check the complete list of compatible GC and GC/MS system.

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Learn how you can control the autosampler by a PC: having it integrated inside GC/GC-MS acquisition software or by HTA Autosampler Manager software to have CFR 21 Part 11 support.

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Application Notes

Check common Headspace applications such as: determination of Blood Alcohol, Methanol in Biodiesel, Residual Solvents in Drugs or in Packaging Film. More applications notes here.

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