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HT4150L: Cell Washer (RUO)

The HT4150L cell washer is an automated device for preparing cells for subsequent cytofluorimetric analysis. The HT4150L is designed to provide thorough and reproducible cell lysis, separation, and fractioning through a built-in cytocentrifuge specifically designed for this purpose.


HT4150L: Cell Washer

Key Features

Automate your lysis-wash workflow

HT4150L can hold up to 32 standard sample tubes, which are processed in two batches of 16 samples each. When performed manually, this kind of cell preparation is laborious, tedious, and prone to variability. On the other hand, the automation of this workflow allows for protocol standardisation, consistent operations, and minimal labour.

Haematology studies

Typical use involves the manipulation of peripheral blood to isolate leucocytes marked with fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies. After the markers are added to the whole blood specimen, HT4150L automates the adding of the lysing solution to allow erythrolysis to occur. A centrifugation step allows for the precipitation of white blood cells: red cell debris, platelets, unbound antibodies, and residual proteins remain in the supernatant and are automatically removed. WBC can, indeed, be washed and then resuspended to be further analyzed by a flow cytometer.

User friendly

With the integrated touch screen, you can start sample processing in a few taps: you will experience simple and user-friendly control. Large reagent reservoirs and a waste tank are included for extended operations. Sensors that detect a lack of reagents and fullness of waste tank are included for a better user experience.

Flexible and straight forward operations

The automated syringe draws a pre-set quantity of lysing solution, afterwards, the tube is automatically picked up and put in the cytocentrifuge, which realizes the separation. Then the device removes the supernatant and the buffer solution is added to the pellet to resuspend cells. The cycle is completed by the tube repositioning into its original position in the rack: you will be ready for analysis.

More than a standard lab centrifuge

The built-in centrifuge features rotor position control so that no tubes mismatches happen and automated centrifuge cover to make the centrifuge robot friendly. Furthermore the algorithm that regulates centrifuge acceleration and deceleration during spinning has been fine-tuned to allow for efficient separation/fractioning while preserving the integrity of the precipitated cells.


(RUO) Research Use Only: The product described in this page refers to a generic laboratory equipment used to preparing samples for different applications and it is not designed and intended to be used as IVD device. For applications that fall under the IVD Directive, contact us here.

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