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3200A: Premium Autosampler

3200A autosampler is designed for GC and GC/MS applications. Empowered by Artificial intelligence, it offers superior performances, high reliability and unmatched usability by intuitive operations. 3200A offers 3 unique premium features, besides standard features shared with 3000A: top class sample capacity, SyringeID and BCR.


3200A: Premium Autosampler

Key Features

Top class sample capacity

3200A is the most compact autosampler in the market, it offers top-class sample capacity: none offers so many sample with near to zero bench space requirements. By its 209 2mL sample vials, 3200A is setting new standards in the market. it is the perfect choice for high productivity lab and Fast GC applications.

Empowered by Artifical Intelligence

AI brings intuitiveness and superior performances to laboratories. By AI functionalities within 3000A we offer: self-diagnostic tests that enable predictive maintenance strategies, continuous optimization of the workflow, extended flexible working style, automated consumables tracking, GC inlet septum test. Furthermore we dramatically simplify connection with service by usage of dynamic on-screen QR code.

Support all GCs of your lab. Perfect for GC/MS

It can be easily installed on all the GC and GC/MS systems available in the market through its flexibility and modular configuration. It can be configured to serve up to two injectors in the most of the supported GCs. Special functionalities have been expressly integrated for next-generation analysers and MS detectors. Sampling and injection method, reducing stress to septa, minimize the contamination of the analyzer, while prep-run support have been implemented to reduce carrier gas consumption and consequently both operations costs and environmental impact.

Easy to use

Just load your samples and run the analysis with no extra down time. HTA offers GC autosampler with a large touch screen interface, providing easier system accessibility and usability. In fact, the touch screen eliminates drilldown and simplifies instrument control for novices and experienced users.

SyringeID for automatic syringe recognition

3200A features the innovative SyringeID, a proprietary technology based on RFID tags. SyringeID is able to identify syringes in a univocal way: therefore, it prevents errors when mounting a syringe (i.e.: syringe volume mismatch is not possible) and keeps track of the syringe consumption (preventive maintenance counters). The SyringeID system is able to provide you with the level of confidence you have never gotten by the identification systems based on syringe carrier, assuring your autosampler complies with the most advanced good laboratory practice.

Bar Code Reader (BCR)

Integrated Bar Code Reader can come with every 3200A unit, offering you full and detailed sample tracking information. The barcode of each sample - if required - will be read just before the injection and it will be stored to improve traceability. Barcode handling requires the use of compatible software such as HTA Autosampler Manager.


GC Compatibility Chart

HTA autosamplers can be easily installed on all the GC and GC/MS systems available in the market. Check the complete list of compatible GC and GC/MS system.

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