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Custom GC Autosamplers

HTA’s GC autosampler offering is the widest and the most complete in the market. Despite our wide range, we recognize that laboratories occasionally have needs that are not met by the standard autosampler models offered by HTA or their GC manufacturer. Now we offer you the final and most effective solution for your custom needs: a custom autosampler!


Custom GC Autosamplers

Key Features

Heat, cool or vortex

Your GC autosampler can be customized to execute simple sample preparation tasks before the injection. A vial heater can be integrated to heat the sample to a certain temperature, while a vortex station can perform effective mixing of samples and standards. Furthermore, the whole sample rack can also be cooled.

Run your own vessels

The sample vessel market standard for GC autosamplers is 2, 10 and 20ml vials. However, you may consider using nonconventional sample vessels to avoid the high cost of sample reformatting: reduce error, reduce cost and improve throughput! We have great experience of using nonconventional sample vessels for special applications: contact us and inquire about custom racks.

Flow cell

Collect your sample directly from the line though the use of a flow cell. You will then be able to inject your sample at timely intervals into your GC or GC-MS system

Run the most complex experiment with HTAPREP

HTAPREP offers liquid handling and sample preparation without compromise. HTAPREP is the smartest software in the industry, supporting any complex method you could imagine. Check the HTAPREP brochure to learn more.

The best solution for you

HTA’s custom autosamplers offer affordable pricing and the same level of robustness and reliability of a standard autosampler. Check the brochure to learn more about additional options and accessories not listed here. Buy HTA with confidence: our specialists will not oversell you: they will recommend the product that best fits your needs.

GC Compatibility Chart

HTA autosamplers can be easily installed on all the GC and GC/MS systems available in the market. Check the complete list of compatible GC and GC/MS system.

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How we fit your GC or GC-MS? What about your Data System acquisition software integration? Check the most frequent questions about HTA’s GC autosamplers.

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