OEM GC Autosampler Models

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Liquid Autosampler

HT300A is an automatic liquid autosampler designed for gas-chromatographic techniques. It offers maximum performances, the best reliability and high flexibility, being characterized by an unprecedented number of benefits.

Speed and performance

It is the fastest liquid autosampler available on the market: injection is performed in less than 100ms. In the standard version, it can serve up to two injectors in the most of the supported GC and GC-MS systems.


It has a small footprint and it is extremely easy to use: it can be controlled by the integrated keypad or by a PC.

It can be easily installed on the GC and GC/MS systems of each brand, more or less recent,thanks to its flexibility and its modular configuration.

The tray can be configured - also on the field - in the right or left position. It supports 110-position removable sample tray for vials of 2 and 2.5 ml (optional: 40x10ml vials). Besides the autosampler supports the use of 4 solvent vials of 10ml (total capacity: 40ml).

It uses different kind of syringes with volume from 1 to 100 microliters.


It allows to handle the most sophisticated sampling techniques:

  • syringe washes with sample or with solvent
  • bubble elimination;
  • controlled injection speeds to work with a wide range of sample viscosities;
  • handling of injections with the internal standard technique;
  • dual simultaneous injections (high-throughput or confirmation mode);
  • priority sampling;
  • ambient headspace sampling;
  • multi-phase sampling;
  • small volume sampling;
  • hot- and cold-needle injections.
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