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30th Years Anniversary

HTA is proud to announce that 2021 marks 30 years of business in designing and manufacturing of robotics solutions for the scientific industry. We are excited and proud about this milestone. Our commitment to provide high-quality products, - including GC, LC, IC and spectroscopy autosamplers as well as sample preparation workstations - featuring cutting edge technologies, allowed us to reach across the years a technical leadership recognized by all our customers and partners.

Today, as 30 years ago, we are continuing to pursue the same mission of the first day: use the robotics for supporting lab teams in achieving better and more robust results and the constant customer satisfaction represents the main reason why we were able to continue over the years. During these 30 years, HTA, has always maintained and even improved its efforts and resource investment in R&D area to always look for new solutions that can bring a significative positive impact on laboratory routine and research.

The excellence in product design along with the high service level and punctual customer support always assure the best user experience not only at the moment of the instrument purchase but across all the instrument lifetime. ​

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