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AI-powered GC autosamplers: what benefits?

Artificial intelligence functionalities integrated within HTA GC autosamplers create a concrete value for our customer:

✶Users are supported by AI through tips for better method programming to get a smooth and efficient analysis workflow.

✶AI functionalities lay the foundation for Predictive Maintenance by self-diagnostic tests that are automatically performed when the autosampler is not running or when a request is made to diagnose instrument status. The HTA AI engine detects the need to schedule maintenance in advance to offer extended uptime and lower operating cost.

✶Furthermore automated consumables tracking, based on performance tests executed at instrument startup, minimizes unexpected downtime and waste due to unnecessary replacement.

Virtual screen and screen mirroring enable you to control the autosampler from your PC without the need to stand in front of the autosampler in lab: you can - for example - conveniently control it from your office!

The connection with service has never been so easy: you can contact tech support by scanning a QR code and passing all relevant information about instrument, configuration and issue for an incredibly fast troubleshooting!

Contact us to discover all the other benefits that AI - integrated within HTA autosamplers - can bring to your lab's life!

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