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Autosampler for Agilent UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

Have you got an Agilent UV-Vis Spectrophotometer in your laboratory? Perhaps you don' t know that you are no more obliged to load all your samples one by one...

HTA can offer you the ideal solution to automate your measurements by combining your Agilent Cary UV-Vis Spectrophotometer with the HTA autosampler HT1500U.

The automation requires firstly the replacement of the standard quartz cell/cuvette of your Agilent spectrophotometer with a flow cell. The loading of the flow cell with your samples can then be completely handled by HT1500U. Thanks to this effective combination between Cary UV-Vis Spectrophotometers and HT1500U, your analysis results will get a concrete improvement in terms of increased productivity, better data robustness and reduced carry-over!

The automation of your Agilent UV-Vis Spectrophotometer with HT1500U will also improve your daily activities making them easier and even, let's face it, less boring and repetitive!

HT1500U can be fully controlled by Agilent software Cary WinUV!

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