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Autosampler for EXETAINER® Vials

What would you think about an autosampler that can directly handle the sample vessels you normally used for your sample preparation, without the need to transfer the sample in other kind of supports suitable for the GC or HPLC analysis? What would you think about an autosampler that can handle - for example - the EXETAINER® vials and can directly inject the samples from them to the GC? I think you can consider it absolutely cool! Well, we have got it!

Besides the undoubted convenience, this type of solution would allow your lab to save a lot of money. In fact sample reformatting - that is the step consisting in moving the sample from the vessel used for sample prep to the vessel suitable for GC or HPLC analysis - can significantly impacts on GC or HPLC analysis whole cost, as we have deeply analyzed here.

The cost related to sample reformatting step can be avoided with our autosamplers that can directly support the most common sample vessels - vials (2/4/6/10/20/40ml), test tubes, tube blocks, plates, Vacutainers ...- and also unusual sample vessels. Our autosampler can also handle the EXETAINER® vials, allowing the direct injection of the sample from these vessels into the analyzer.

EXETAINER® vials are used routinely worldwide in Pharmaceutical and Research Test Centers and different kind of Laboratories. EXETAINER® vials are used for many kinds of testing protocols, including the analysis of gasses and liquids. Just a couple of examples of typical applications: Urea Breath Testing, Helicobacter Pylori Breath Testing, measurement of gases from aquatic environments and so on… EXETAINER® vials are available both evacuated and non-evacuated, with a capacity from 1ml onwards and with different color caps to distinguish differing test methods. Our autosamplers can handle a wide range of EXETAINER® vials.

EXETAINER® VIALS can also be labelled to simplify test identification. Our autosampler can eventually recognize and read these labels by an integrated barcode reader.

Contact us to get more info about our autosampler solution for EXETAINER® vials.

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