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Free HTA Autosampler Manager 180 day license

HTA is pleased to provide a free 180-day license of HTA Autosampler Manager software, in order to support our customers dealing with Covid-19 restrictions.

During this global pandemic, social distancing and even lock-down measures were adopted worldwide to avoid the spread of the virus. This led to the reduction of production activities and encouraged smart/remote working practices. We are aware that the work of analytical laboratories cannot be entirely carried out remotely. Nevertheless, there are some activities that with the help of technology, are being performed remotely through automatic systems, to minimize the exposure of lab technicians.

To this end, HTA Autosampler Manager software, that controls HTA 2000/3000/4000 series, is a valuable tool, as it allows the remote management of the autosamplers. Thanks to the screen mirroring function, it is possible to replicate the touch screen of your autosamplers on a PC. You will be able to view the autosampler’s status and 100% manage the instrument remotely.

Oftentimes, the PC where your analysis data are collected is not connected to Internet for security and/or privacy reasons. No worries! HTA Autosampler Manager can be installed on a PC different than the one where you installed your analyzer’s Chromatography Data System / Data Acquisition software. This allows you to remotely manage your autosampler without waiving IT policies.

To all those who don’t have a full HTA Autosampler Manager license, HTA is pleased to offer a 180-day free license: submit your request by May 31, 2020

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