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HTA Autosamplers and Merlin Microseal: a perfect match for your GC

The Merlin MicrosealTM is a microvalve alternative to traditional silicone rubber septa - suitable for many GC models and for injections in liquid, Headspace and SPME mode - that features high pressure capability and outstanding resistance to wear.

Analytical tests have been carried out in a co-joint effort by HTA and Merlin: we definitely confirm the full compatibility of Merlin MicrosealTM and HTA Autosamplers.

In particular the combination of HTA GC Autosamplers with Merlin MicrosealTM allow to keep the injection reproducibility unchanged even after 2000 injections with stable baseline and irrelevant background noise. This achievement is made possible by the remarkable resistance to wear of Merlin MicrosealTM and the very high positioning accuracy of HTA Autosamplers.

The reduced frequency of GC maintenance - due to the use of HTA Autosamplers together with Merlin MicrosealTM - means reduced GC downtime and highest laboratory throughput.

Request the application note “HTA Autosamplers and Merlin MicrosealTM ” to learn more.

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