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HTA introduces the first autosampler powered by AI capabilities

​HTA is proud to announce the release of the 3000A series, the first autosampler in the market powered by AI capabilities.

With the release of this new series of automatic liquid GC autosamplers, HTA has raised the autosampler manufacturing up to a level never reached before: new technologies have been introduced to create effective benefits for the customers in terms of usability, speed and reliability.

Artificial intelligence brings new intuitiveness and superior performances to laboratories. By AI functionalities the 3000A series offers: self-diagnostic tests that enable predictive maintenance strategies, continuous optimization of the workflow, extended flexible working style, automated consumables tracking and even GC inlet septum test. Furthermore, thanks to AI, the connection with service is made extremely easy and immediate by usage of dynamic on-screen QR code.

3000A series represents the unrivalled automation solution for all the laboratories, also the ones equipped with next-generation analysers and MS detectors, for which new special functionalities have been expressly integrated. Sampling and injection method, reducing stress to septa, minimize the contamination of the analyzer, while prep-run support have been implemented to reduce carrier gas consumption and consequently both operations costs and environmental impact.

Discover how Artificial Intelligence can take your idea of automation to a new unexpected level, discover the new 3000A series autosampler!

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