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Labs running HTA are not afraid of the electricity bill

In last weeks electricity prices have risen to their highest levels in several years. This phenomenon has clearly a negative impact also on laboratory income statement.

HTA has always payed a particular attention in the optimization of the consumption of its instrumentation. If, until recently, this focus has been mainly an environmental-responsible behaviour, today it becomes the concrete response to an imperative need, that of minimizing the electricity bill.

In the table below we compare the power requirements of the HTA headspace autosampler - HT2000H - towards some of the major competitors.

  • Product
  • Power req. (VA)
  • Power req. (W)

  • HT2000H
  • 145VA
  • 120W

  • 825VA
  • -

  • 1200VA
  • -

  • -
  • 600W

It is evident that HTA autosampler is much more efficient also by power consumption specifications, that results in a lower electricity bill: HTA is confirmed as the autosampler manufacturer featuring the lower total cost of ownership of the market.

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