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Pandemic-ready Lab Instruments

The coronavirus pandemic has suddenly changed risk assessment for labs: now the pandemic risk and related lock-down restrictions must be taken into consideration. The main objective is to guarantee business continuity, especially for analytical laboratories in charge of essential or critical activities.​

In order to reach this goal some remote/on-line instrument service tools have become a priority when adding a new instrument to your lab: such as on-board system diagnostics, technical assistance guaranteed by means of remote channels, on-line help tutorials, guides and videos for self troubleshooting.

Here in HTA we are used to support our customer across the world for more then 30 years, so we are already skilled with a plenty of tools that make us ready for this new challenge:

  • Sophisticated algorithms run our instruments: automated calibration procedure and automatic error recovery are an example
  • HTA autosamplers are all equipped with preventive maintenance counters, in order to effectively support operator in the consumable replacement that help in maintaining high the level of the analytical results
  • Automatic System integrity test is available for a selection of instruments to furtherly help technicians
  • HTA software feature multiple-level log files to ensure software integrity and easy trouble-shooting
  • HTA knowledge base, is always available on-line to view and download very detailed service procedures
  • HTA service team daily use a wide choice of remote tools to support customers.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier as well as reliable products, even for handling pandemic risk, rely with confidence on HTA. ​

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