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Revamp your analytical system by a new autosampler

​Do you think your GC or LC system is getting quite old, and would need a “renovation but actually you do not have enough budget to replace the whole system? Let us give you an idea to revamp your system without the necessity to face up with a huge investment, but getting anyway a long-term advantage.

We suggest you to make a small investment getting a new autosampler for your analyzer keeping the other elements unchanged for now. The principle that leads us to this suggestion is that the autosampler is the part of the analytical system with the most significant role for the throughput and the robustness of the analysis.

If you do not own an autosampler at the moment, it is immediate to understand that getting an autosampler can make the difference: the automation will mean extended operation hours and automated tasks with an important gain in productivity and reliability.

But even If you already have an autosampler, changing it can represent a significant breakthrough: buying a new autosampler can allow you to increase the sample capacity or to expand the sample introduction techniques currently supported (for example you can add SPME support in GC analysis or SPE (Solid Phase extraction) or filtration automation in LC.

Opt for a universal autosampler: this will assure your investment is the perfect choice for now, but also for the future when you have the budget required to replace the whole analytical system. A universal autosampler can in fact support all the analyzer brands and models: the one you have now and also the one you will purchase in the future.

Request the Free White Paper “Revamp your analytical system by a new autosampler” to learn more about the advantages you gain revamping your GC/LC with a new autosampler.

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