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Why GC septum installation matters

GC inlet septum correct selection, handling and installation are important to maintain optimal analytical performances.

The septum must be replaced regularly: optimised gentle septum piercing - featured by HTA autosamplers - is needed in modern high-throughput labs to increase the GC septum lifetime and consequently keep the instrumentation downtime for maintenance to a minimum.

Moreover, the septum replacement procedure represents a critical and error-prone phase: a loose septum nut can lead to carrier gas leaks and pressure fluctuations, while excess septum compression can cause a wide range of problems, from analytical issues due to increased septum coring/bleeding up to syringe needle damage.

That’s why HTA has recently introduced a dedicated test to check the correctness of GC septum compression after septum replacement.

Request the Free White Paper “Why GC septum installation matters” to learn more about the criticism of GC septum installation step and how HTA autosampler’s technology can effectively help technician in this phase.

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