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HTA Autosampler Manager is the software dedicated to manage our autosampler range. It allows to perform almost all operative tasks that are available from autosampler touch screen or keypad such as creation and editing of the instrument methods, sample list generation, sample run. In addition it offers other functionalities not elsewhere available as described below.

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HTA Autosampler Manager
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    Remote control: enable Screen Mirroring and Screen Virtualization

    When coupled with LAN connectivity, HTA Autosampler Manager enables remote control from any PC of the network. You can install the software on as many PC as you want to control your instrument from different workstations. By HTA Autosampler Manager you have access to touch screen virtualization to allow an extremely simple and intuitive use of the controlled instrument.

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    Free Trial - Lifetime Free Updates

    60 days software trial is always provided with the purchase of a new autosampler, in order to allow you a complete software evaluation before your final purchase decision. In addition we provide lifetime free software updates: get improvements and new functionalities at no cost!

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    CFR 21 Part 11

    HTA Autosampler Manager can run in standard mode (“Standard Version”) or CFR 21 Part 11 compliant (“CFR 21 Part 11 Version“). In such scenario, multiple user profile, electronic signature and additional traceability tools are provided.

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    Execution Report. Data Backup, Restore & Print

    Automatic creation of PDF, CSV or XLS(X) files allows easier integration in LIMS, ELN, MRP or corporate database. Files are stored locally or copied to a remote space. The software allows also to backup method, sequence and setup data for additional security and to restore them on critical events. Furthermore you are entitled to print relevant information in order to archive or share hard copies.

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    Multilanguage User Interface

    While default language is English, additional languages such Italian and Spanish are available. Check with your sale representative about.

List of supported instruments

HT2000H, HT2100H, HT2800T, HT3000A, HT31000A, HT3200A, HT4000L.  

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