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1 autosampler to feed 2 (U)HPLC systems

When it comes to flexibility there is no LC autosampler in the market that overcomes HT4000L . By the last configuration we have made available, 1 HT4000L autosampler is able to inject in 2 separate systems: they may be 2 HPLC, 2 UHPLC, 2 IC or a mix (for example 1 HPLC and 1 IC).

At a modest additional cost you can get HT4000L configured with 2 valves and a convenient tray organized in 2 separated racks (60 samples each, when using 2ml vials). Injection is performed alternatively in the 2 systems or, whenever required, you can opt to inject only in a single system. HT4000L will be installed between the 2 analyzers: one analyzer will sit on the right side, while the other will sit on the left side.

HT4000L with double valve option is a cheaper alternative then buying 2 separate autosamplers. So, in case you are looking for a solution to reduce your automation investment, contact us to get additional information!

At the present time HT4000L with double valve options is only compatible with basic software integration.

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