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Are you fond of the DANI heritage? Do you own an old-glory DANI GC and really don’t want to let it go: don’t worry, HTA can re-bring it new life!

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  • We provide a universal autosampler for your DANI GC and GC-TOF.
  • Is the autosampler of your Dani GC broken? Or do you miss the autosampler for your GC? If you have been told the only option is to replace the whole GC system, you will be happy to learn HTA has a better solution for you.
  • HTA universal autosamplers can actually extend the life of your Dani GC. HTA autosamplers assure highest compatibility also with the oldest models because they are self-contained and independent from GC firmware or hardware release, and from the CDS version.
  • HTA product range includes 7 different GC autosamplers' models, so independently from which application you would like to run with your Dani GC, you will surely find a suitable model among our product range.
  • If your Dani GC is up and running, decommissioning it for lack of automation is not a good option. It will not be neither an environmental-friendly decision, nor an admin-savvy solution.
  • If still undecided about getting autosampler for an old GC or replacing the whole system, get the white paper "REVAMP YOUR ANALYTICAL SYSTEM BY A NEW AUTOSAMPLER".


  • HTA GC autosamplers can be fully controlled by Clarity Chromatography Data Sistem for a seamless integration with your DANI GC.
  • HTA GC autosamplers fit all DANI GC and GCMS models (including DANI 1000, DANI Master, DANI MasterTOF, DANI 8610 and 8500)
  • Our autosamplers also offer a great way to future-proof your system. When your DANI GC will reach the end of its life cycle, your HTA autosampler can be moved to any other GC or GC-MS system you decide to purchase. HTA autosampler will work with your new machine without any problem. This versatility allows you to preserve your investment and to maintain the wider range of options when buying your next GC or GC-MS. Being compatible with more than 60 existing GCs, the HTA autosampler range represents a smart and farsighted one-off purchase. Full list here.
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