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To excell in science you have choosen Shimadzu, to excell in automation you need HTA. Pair HTA's Artifical Intelligence with Shimadzu's Analytical Intelligence to bring your lab to the next level

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All-In-One Autosampler

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  • HTA GC autosamplers feature Artificial Intelligence functionalities to maximize the productivity and efficiency of the analysis workflow. Click here to discover how this can benefit your lab.
  • All HTA GC autosamplers - automatic liquid samplers, headspace and all-in-one autosamplers - share the same quick-fix mounting kit to allow 5-min interchange between the lab. For the maximum convenience we cover 2 injectors with just one tower.
  • HTA product range includes 7 different GC autosamplers' models to fit any need, including the large capacity liquid sampler and custom GC autosamplers.
  • Looking for a more a more affordable alternative to AOC-6000? Discover 2800T that is able to automate liquid injection, headspace and SPME with a single device featuring an unmatched quality/price ratio.
  • HTA headspace autosamplers feature the lowest total cost of ownership of the industry. Also our entry-level version relies exclusively on gas-tight heated syringe that others only reserve for higher-spending customers: which-ever your budget you deserve the best possible analytical data.


  • HTA GC autosamplers are compatible with every version of Shimadzu Chromatography Data System you may have: click here for more details.
  • HTA GC autosamplers seamlessly support the newest Shimadzu GC models such as Nexis GC-2030 and Brevis GC-2050 as well as the "old guard" and even GCMS models such as QP2020 NX or TQ 8050 NX: full compatibility list is published here.
  • HTA GC autosamplers represent a future proof investment. Regardless which GC you buy next (a new Shimadzu TQ 8050 NX; a refurbished Shimadzu 2010 or 2010; another GC brand) you should expect tore-use your HTA autosampler just by sourcing a new mounting kit. We support 60+ GC models: check the full list here.


Cost-effective autosampler for your HPLC routine

The LC Autosampler Lab-Automation Ready

SPE, Filtration and Purifications for automated LC analysis


  • When standard autosampler offering does not fit your needs we have you covered.
  • Our HT1500L offers a solution to customers with small budget or that deserve an autosampler easy to operate.
  • Our HT4000L offers a solution to customer that needs flexibility on sample vessels, injected volumes and automated sample prep. It fits HPLC, UHPLC, biocompatibile and cooled applications.
  • If you need more, then our HT4000E offers automated Solid Phase Extraction and automated filtration.
  • Discover our solutions for semi-prep and prep application: we offer a wide range of choices that won't make you disappointed.


  • HTA relies on open-bed autosampler design: experience easy installation and operation; keep the possibility to visually inspect your samples whenever needed
  • HTA LC autosamplers are compatible with every version of Shimadzu Chromatography Data System you may have for which we offer an integration free of charge (click here for more details).
  • HTA autosamplers also offer an excellent way to future-proof your systems. Regardless of which LC you buy next (Shimadzu HPLC, LCMS or other brand), you should expect to re-use your HTA.


Flow-Through Cell autosampler for molecular spectroscopy


  • HTA UV-VIS autosamplers offer an automation solution for Shimadzu UV-Vis spectrophotometers streamlining sample reading as well as cell cleaning procedures.
  • By automating these processes, operators are relieved from the burden of manual sample management, ensuring greater precision and repeatability in data collection. This not only enhances efficiency but also minimizes the potential for errors, resulting in more reliable and accurate data analysis.


  • HTA autosamplers fully support all modern Shimadzu UV-VIS spectrophotometers: UV-1900i, UV-2600i and UV-2700i etc...
  • With HTA UV-VIS autosamplers you can go ahead working with your LabSolutions UV-Vis software.


Automatic Sample Changer for atomic spectroscopy

Automatic Sample Changer for atomic spectroscopy (High Capacity)


  • If you need to run automatic analysis of more than 60 sample, HTA autosamplers can fulfill your needs without scarifying performances: have a compact autosampler with a short transfer line for quick sample rinse time, fast cleaning step and minimal bench space occupation.
  • Enjoy the convenience of running your samples in removable racks for offline sample preparation and to help continuous sample feeding and running mixed rack types for maximum convenience.
  • If you need more discover HT1200I: it offers the definitive answer to corrosion and bad smell by adding support to sealed samples and reagent tubes. It helps to reduce the amount of chemical vapours in the environment, improve the quality of lab air and increase the lifetime of any object that could be affected by corrosion phenomena.


  • HTA autosamplers fully support all Shimadzu ICP-OES such as ICPE-9800 and ICP-MS such as ICPMS-2050 systems: check here for more details.
  • HTA autosamplers can be fully controlled by ICPEsolution as well LabSolutions ICPMS software, allowing perfect integration with your Shimadzu spectroscopy systems.
  • A keypad is integrated to simplify line priming, end-of-session washes and setup.
  • Versions dedicated for acid and organic solvents are available to fit any applications.
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